’14 Bioscience Conference

10th Annual Regional Bioscience Conference
April 3 – 4 2014

Worthington, MN USA – Worthington’s 10th Annual Regional Bio-Science Conference (WRBC) is set for April 3 – 4 2014. The conference theme is “Bio-Business Ecosystems” – Building Regional Business Support Structure! It is intended to highlight existing core regional competencies and help address gaps in the industry Eco-system .


WRBC is an annual gathering of industry professionals, research scientists, and business leaders. “This conference is a great opportunity to showcase the region’s health and bio-businesses sectors and provide networking opportunities,” said Jason Turner, Chairman of the Worthington Regional Economic Development Corp. http://worthington-minnesota.com is a private public partnership charged with organizing the annual conference.


Throughout its short history, the conference featured international industry leaders such as G. Steven Burrill, Dale Wahlstrom and others. From the start, Worthington Regional Bio Science Conference set out to create a meeting place where the scientific, business, and entrepreneurial communities can come together for few days, talk shop, plant seeds, and build enduring relationships.


“Our work here complements other regions’ research and development. It also enhances the state’s national and international presence in the field” Said Todd Leonard, Executive VP of the Innovation Engine, a St. Louis Park, based organization that promotes knowledge based business growth in the region.


This annual event has been very successful in highlighting the deep roots of bio-science as it relates to farming and animal health. What evolves out of one area of bio-tech often times has implications in other areas of importance to overall quality of life. Worthington’s bio-science based businesses have a story to tell, and are actively seeking partners for parts of the story that are yet to be told.


The 2014 conference will be held at the new Worthington Convention center, which features state of the art audio video and meeting facilities. The event center is part of the newly opened Comfort Suites Hotel designed to provide business and professional travelers with high standard accommodations. Visit Comfort Suites and Event Center at: http://www.comfortsuites.com/hotel-worthington-minnesota-MN137?sid=xWbDiM.E8111gbm0g.48 for more detail.


In addition to traditional conference offerings, the conference program will be designed to include activities that engage students and attendees’ families by providing entertainment opportunities and ways to explore Worthington and the region.


A robust WRBC presence on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter is designed to reach conference audience and keep all informed as conference program takes shape. 2 Smart Women a social media and strategic marketing firm based in Lakefield Minnesota is in charge of marketing.


The conference is also reaching out to educational institutions and research partners in the field to help showcase their work. The exhibit hall will be bustling with vendors, sponsors, and conference attendees alike. Local and regional media will also be present along with the ever-present social media to get the word out minute by minute on what’s happening at the 2014 WBC.


CONTACT: Abraham Algadi, Manager WREDC. 507-372-5515 biofrontier@worthington-minnesota.com